Civil Litigation

Your business partner breaches your contract together…

Your neighbor starts building a fence on part of your property and is being unreasonable…

It might be time to think about a civil suit.

The aim of a civil litigation lawsuit is not to impose jail or prison time for the offending party, rather to force them to pay financial compensation/restitution or perform a specific action (such as forcing a person to perform under the terms of the contract). When faced with a situation when you or your business needs legal counsel, there are certain criteria you should look for in a law firm: extensive knowledge of procedural and substantive law, exceptional negotiation and interpersonal skills, and a proactive approach.

Discovery is the phase in a lawsuit where the legal teams of both parties share all information related to the lawsuit. This includes records of questions and answers under oath, motions and petitions, depositions of potential witnesses, and many other documents related to ensuring that both parties have as much knowledge as possible when going to trial.

Despite what you see in the movies and on television, most of the time spent in a civil lawsuit is in the discovery phase, not in trial. So having a legal team with the ability to negotiate and avoid a trial will save you money and time and avoid undue stress. If trial is unavoidable, you can rest assured that Koontz Law, PLLC has the experience and legal knowledge to deliver you optimum results.

We handle all of the following:

  • Assistance with collections and liens
  • Claims of contract breaching
  • Litigation regarding real estate disputes (easements, partitions, eminent domain, zoning issues, and commercial lease problems)
  • Dissolving or forming limited liability partnerships and companies, corporations, unfair competition and non-compete disputes

Conflict is a part of human nature, something we all deal with at some time or another. In our society we have the legal system as recourse for dealing with conflict. At Koontz Law, PLLC, our team is thoroughly aggressive in every phase of the civil litigation process.





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