Criminal Defense

Aside from the obvious imprisonment, felony criminal convictions have a long term impact on people’s lives in many ways:

  • Difficulty obtaining employment
  • Travel restrictions
  • Probation/parole and associated fees
  • Possible social or familial ostracism

When faced with serious criminal charges, the worst thing one can do is to try to represent themselves instead of acquiring proper legal counsel. Criminal court is a serious place where one misstep could cost you a great deal financially or even result in your incarceration. So when shopping for lawyers, do you really want to put your trust in someone who doesn’t have the experience and knowledge of the law and court practices? Let Koontz Law, PLLC help take away the stress and fear of impending court dates by making sure you understand your charges and by formulating a solid defense plan.

Underage drinking and drug offenses for young people can have serious consequences on their permanent record, making applying to a school or a job problematic. Fines, community service, alcohol and substance abuse counseling are also possible when faced with serious crimes. Your child or loved one needs a proven legal team with respected courtroom presence to fight for them; their futures might hang in the balance.

If you are a criminal defendant on pretrial release, meet with us for a free consultation with all the documents related to your alleged crime as well as the identities of any potential witnesses.

After an initial consultation, you should:

  • Understand the severity of the charges and potential penalties if convicted
  • Be aware of the kinds of evidence that might be used in your favor or against you
  • Know the kinds of defense for the crime and whether they are applicable to your case
  • Be familiarized with the various aspects of how local criminal court operates, including procedures and timing
  • Know how we will fight for you including how we hope to resolve your case

We represent clients accused of the following:

  • Alcohol offenses
  • Drug Offenses
    • Possession
    • Paraphernalia
    • Trafficking
    • PWISD
  • Assault
  • Bond motions & Orders for Arrest
  • Breaking & Entering
  • Larceny & Shoplifting
  • Fraud & Forgery
  • Weapons Violations

In recent years, North Carolina has allowed for more expungements and expunctions of charges. An expungement is a Court Order that all state agencies (including law enforcement) effectively erase any record of the crime from your criminal record. Although the rules are very specific regarding expungements, we have the proven experience to acquire them should your case meet the requirements. You can rest assured that when plea arrangements are unavailable or unwarranted, our team is ready for litigation to ensure the best possible results.

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