Victim’s Advocacy

Davie County Domestic Violence Legal Advocacy Program is designed to provide assistance and support to survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault as they go through the legal system. This includes: matters involving criminal charges against the batterer; matters involving criminal charges against the survivor; obtaining and enforcing personal protection orders; pursuing divorce and child custody issues; landlord/tenant issues; and other matters.

Ms. Koontz works in partnership with Davie Domestic Violence to help survivors of domestic violence navigate the legal process and to give them information that will help survivors make informed decisions about how to engage in the legal process. In her role as Legal Advocate for Davie Domestic Violence, Ms. Koontz represents survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault during civil court proceedings.

An advocate can inform you of your legal rights and, if necessary, advocate on your behalf in trial against the abuser. It is our priority to support you in whatever decisions you make about engaging with the legal system and to assist you in identifying your rights and options as a survivor.

Services provided by Legal Advocates include:

  • Acting as a liaison, as an “interpreter” of legal jargon and proceedings, and a personal advocate forsurvivors in court proceedings. This means explaining to the survivor as necessary what unfamiliar legal terms mean, letting the survivor know what she can expect to happen next in the legal process, and advocating for certain actions or responses with prosecutors, police, attorneys, probation officers as requested by the survivors;
  • Accompanying the survivor to court proceedings within Davie County
  • Providing assistance in: obtaining a civil restraining order through trial proceedings or negotiations.








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